Take Ownership and Enjoy Higher Payouts

Payouts to top-performing wirehouse advisors continue to drop or become more “back-end” intensive. While the average pay for many producers is reported to be less than 45%, some wirehouses are now requiring advisors to meet new production and net new asset requirements just to remain at their current payout levels. As deferred compensation becomes a larger component of total compensation, advisors are feeling stuck chasing a carrot they never seem to reach.

In addition to full ownership, Advisors at GWM typically receive significantly higher payouts—often a 20%-plus increase in payout. We don’t have hidden fees or use confusing payout schedules that you need to decipher. We keep things simple. You produce X, you get paid Y.

Is the value your firm provides really worth what they are taking? Contact us today to get your own personalized compensation plan. What you’re really worth just might surprise you.

Payout Possibilities