True Ownership

Take Full Ownership of Your Business

At GWM Advisors, you explicitly own your book of business. That means exactly how it sounds. You own your business. No one else. Owning your business as a financial advisor comes with a lot of benefits. While there are many more than the ones listed below, we find these to be the most apparent.

Ownership Benefits

As a 1099 independent contractor/business owner, you enjoy all the tax benefits that independent business owners receive. We can help guide you in the different ways to minimize taxes and maximize profitability as a business owner. In the independent world, what matters is what you net - not what you gross.

Ownership Value

Practices in the independent space often sell for two to three times the amount they go for in wirehouses. Technically, you don’t own anything as a W-2 employee at a wirehouse. The day you start with us is the first day your business becomes your asset.


When it comes time to retire, being independent through GWM Advisors means there is a ready marketplace for your practice. This makes a seamless transition more achievable. An important but often overlooked feature of selling a business you actually own vs getting a W-2 retirement package from a wirehouse is that you can sell your business at prevailing capital gains rates vs. ordinary income. Factor in the often higher value you get for your business, and now you’re talking some potentially major differences.

Take Ownership